About us

Purpose is a fintech company working to inspire kindness in the financial system

At Purpose, we believe banking can be a vehicle for innovation and social change. We offer socially responsible banking with a focus on promoting a kinder future for all beings. Together with our customers, we are choosing to redirect our money towards a future we believe in, encourage other financial institutions to divest from cruelty, and discover and share mission-aligned products with other changemakers.

Divest from cruelty

Divest from cruelty

We work with our partners to divest from cruelty and promote a kinder and more sustainable future for all beings

Understand your impact

Understand your impact

We collect and share data on companies’ animal welfare policies to help consumers increase their animal-positive spend

Vegan Advocacy

Support vegan advocacy

As a double bottom-line business, we dedicate a percentage of each transaction to support vegan advocacy organizations

Plant-based perks

Plant-based perks

As part of our mission to celebrate the vegan lifestyle, we offer a 100% vegan and cruelty-free rewards program

Why ethical banking

Banks play a big role in our economic system by facilitating investments and loans. When you put money in the bank, it doesn’t just sit there. Banks use your deposits to make loans to industries, companies and projects that may not align with your values. And if you’re like most people in the US, your money is likely in a bank that is funding fossil fuels, factory farming, and other destructive industries or projects.
Choosing a bank that aligns with your values is one of the most impactful moves you can make. Banks that act with transparency and consideration for their impact have the power to influence exponential positive change. At Purpose, we believe that banking that is “Sustainable,” “Socially Responsible," or “Green,” should also be cruelty-free. Factory farms and slaughterhouses have devastating impacts on the planet, animals, and the public. Despite this, most financial institutions turn a blind eye to these impacts and continue financing new land, feed lots and processing facilities. That’s why we built a banking product dedicated to financing a kinder future for all beings.

Divest Purpose

$478 Billion

Between 2015 and 2020, the world’s largest meat and dairy producers received over $478 billion in backing by over 2,500 financial institutions. Top funders include Bank of America, CitiBank, Chase Bank, Wells Fargo and others. Even green banks and credit unions provide financial backing to intensive animal agriculture behind the scenes.

Source: Feedbackglobal.org

Our commitment

Purpose strives to offer a diversity of financial services in a responsible and transparent way. Our goal is to help individuals improve the quality of their lives and at the same time have a positive impact on the world around them. Your deposits never fund factory farming, fossil fuels or other destructive industries. Instead we work to make sure that as much of your money as possible goes towards driving positive change. This includes providing access to capital to those who traditionally lack it – underserved communities, women and minorities.

As a double bottom-line company, we distribute a portion of earnings to advocacy organizations focused on ending the abuse of animals raised for food. We are committed to donating a percentage of net income to standout organizations such as Humane League, Mercy for Animals and The Good Food Institute. And of course, all of the products we promote and reward are 100% vegan and cruelty-free.



Factory farming

Animal testing

Predatory lending

Fossil fuels

Palm oil

Private prisons






of deposits financing³:

Underserved communities

Underserved communities

Loans to communities in low and moderate income areas

Women and minorities

Women and minorities

Loans to female and minority owned businesses

Sustainable projects

Sustainable projects

Financing energy efficient buildings and other infrastructure

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Working with federal programs that promote access to capital and local economic growth